Harri-Ban Communication (P) Ltd. supplies full range of TELECOM and BROADCASTING EQUIPMENT. Established by a young and aggressive management team from the IT industry, this company has the capability of sourcing, marketing and selling quality products in Broadcast and IT industry.

 The goal of our team is to set the standards in high quality, good service, competitive price, product innovation, and long-team customer relationship.


The Company was launched and registered with registrar of Companies in 1998. HARRI-BAN COMMUNICATION (P) LTD. gained good reputation among the National Radio and TV Broadcasting media in INDIA , which are respectively ALL INDIA RADIO, DOORDARSHAN. The company also supplies broadcasting products to major Indian companies manufacturing Broadcasting Products like  BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD and WEBEL MEDIATRONICS LTD. We have already executed the orders from THE TIMES OF INDIA GROUP (BENNETT, COLEMAN & CO.  LTD ) And Millenium Broadcasting (P) Ltd for installation &
Commissioning of  FM Broadcasting Stations  at Ahmedabad , Indore, Puneand Mumbai (2 Stations), Delhi,Kolkotta and Chennai.

Apart from Private FM Broadcasters, Harri-Ban has executed the orders from National Radio Broadcaster, All India Radio for supply/installation and commissioning of  10 KW FM Transmitters,40 KW FM Antenna and Orban processors for their stations at Itanagar and Portblair. In August 2006, we executed an order for supply of 6 Nos of 20 KW FM Transmitter to All India Radio, 11 Nos of 2x20 VHF TV Antenna to Doordarshan(Television),7 Nos of FM Antenna to Indira Gandhi National Open University. We have also executed major Contracts from Private FM Broadcasters for supply of High power FM Antenna, Feeder and the FM Channel Combiners through BECIL(Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd).


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